Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Wit and Wisdom of Betty Crocker

From the 1961 edition of Betty Crocker's New Picture Cook Book:

"Timesaving tips:...Stir contents of 1 pkg. dehydrated onion soup mix into 2 cups commercial sour cream." p. 54 A classic is born!

"The thoughtful wife has a simple beverage (cold in the summer, hot in the winter) ready for her weary husband when he comes home at night..." p. 57

"For the man who comes to dinner: CAKES" p. 143

"Czars and princesses and chefs are the stars of the drama of dessert, with explorers, patriots, and opera stars appearing in lesser roles. Let's watch some of the action: Handsome Marco Polo, having visited Chinese sugar mills, is back home in Italy, encouraging the refining of sugar, dessert's all-important ingredient." p. 213

"With a foreign flavor: Beef Curry, Sukiyaki, Chili con Carne." p. 265 (note this comprises all "foreign entrees in the book, except for Chicken Curry, Eggs Foo Yung, and Chicken Chow Mein)

"Scrapple: Meat-filled and meat-flavored crispy fried mush" p. 277

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