Saturday, September 10, 2011

A damn fine cup of coffee

When Hurricane Irene passed through, I knew I would be stuck at home for a while, so I took up a project I've been wanting to do since 1991: a repeat viewing of Twin Peaks. It is, of course, well worth the time, even for the second season where studio heads were forcing David Lynch to make creative changes left and right. Most of it has stood the test of time extraordinarily well, especially the mystical/supernatural elements that were so influential in top-shelf TV since then. Lynch's use of musical and visual themes are as engaging as they were twenty years ago. Some subplots and elements and subplots ("Invitation to Love," "Andy and Dick compete to be the father of Lucy's child" and "Nadine goes back to high school" all spring to mind. But Agent Cooper remains one of the most charismatic screen heroes of all time, in my book. Maybe someday he will find his way out of the Black Lodge...

If Kyle MacLachlan is not available, I understand another actor is ready to take his place...

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  1. Where did you ever find that clip? Funny! I always wanted to view the series, "RIch Man, Poor Man," again, but the tapes were too expensive. I wondered if I would enjoy it as much now as I did as a young mom. Nick Nolte (sober) starred in it, along with Richard Chamberlain, I believe.