Sunday, April 1, 2012

DC: Al fine!

This weekend, we took a trip to Washington, DC, so Mom could run in the Cherry Blosson 10M and the kids could get to know our nation's capital.

Tristan and Audrey check out the rockets and missiles in the Air and Space Museum. Audrey had a camera and took pains to chronicle every second of her trip.

Audrey outside the Museum of the American Indian, home of the best lunch in DC and home of some very friendly ducks.

Tristan and Audrey discover what really happened to Big Bird.

...and what really happened to Cookie Monster.
Hey, lookit the capital!
While waiting for a museum to open, Audrey and Tristan work on their tango.
Kid down!

Oh, come on kids. Be serious! It's your nation's capital!

Audrey finds some authentic Hogwarts robes.

There was a kite festival going on. Cool!

The race is about to begin. See Mommy?
Audrey takes part in the Fun Run
And here comes Tristan!

Audrey checking out the WWII Memorial.

Tristan at the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial.

The photographer is himself the subject.

Meeting some ducklings in the Constitution Gardens.

Mommy triumphant!

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