Sunday, August 19, 2012

Knocked Over!

So we're at the Renaissance Faire today, and Tristan decides he wants to try his hand at tilting.  So he gets on this ride that's like a big ol' zipline horse, aiming a wooden lance at a ring hanging from a wooden dragon target.  Tristan misses the ring but demolishes the target.  Then the impact causes a ricochet, and the little guy gets a lance to the side of the head.  Some ice and a trip to the First Aide tent later, and he was still kinda grumpy.  Then he got stung by a bee.  Poor guy.  But then I told him that he took out a carnival attraction, just like Gru did in "Despicable Me," his favorite movie.  Much better now.

Knocked over!

Fortunately, they did not practice Renaissance medicine in the First Aid tent.  Except for the leeches.

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