Saturday, October 27, 2012

Harry Potter Weekend

It was a lovely fall day, and Hurricane Sandy is still well over the horizon, so what better way to spend the day than at Chestnut Hill's annual Harry Potter festival.  It was a little bit like an outdoor Con, with enthusiastic kids, goofy college students, and parents who were just a little bit too much into it.

Audrey looks very cool walking down Gravers Lane with her Muggle Posse Tristan. As fate would have it, she chose to be Hermione for Halloween this year, so she got double use out of her Hogwarts robes.

Dumbledore and Neville oversaw Audrey's sorting into Ravenclaw.  We all sort of knew.  Anyhow, the Sorting Hat sounded suspiciously like Neville.

I don't know who this kid was, but he was easily the most badass wizard out there.

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