Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ricketts Glen

Well, each time we go to Ricketts Glen for family camping, we get clobbered by rain. So, outthinking Mother Nature, we waited for the rain to fall before departing for the Poconos.  Our timing, as you can see, was good.  After we got home, Audrey announced "I like camping because we can be free."  Amen, sister.

Tristan on our hile to the lake beach.  Way to cold to swim.

Mommy returns from her 14 mile mountain run.  Audrey runs to fetch Gatorade.

Make way for little ducks.  The kids fed them, of course.

Fire.  Primal.  And toasty.

Audrey weaponizes nature.  Pass the conch, Piggy.

Mmmmm.  Piggy.


I like to get up early.  This is why.

And this.  Bambi's mother was nearby.  Spoiler alert...it doesn't end well.

Pancakes (not venison)


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  1. Beautiful pictures of a memorable time with your family!